Bromham Village Hall is managed by a Committee of Trustees

The Trustees meet January, March, April (AGM), May, July, September and November, on the 3rd Wednesday, at 7:30pm in the Village Hall.

The Trustees oversee the running of the Village Hall. They must ensure that they always act for the good of the charity and its beneficiaries and that in doing so they comply with the terms of the governing document and any legislation. The management committee of a village hall is comprised of representatives of the user groups plus the elected trustees. Trustees are responsible for maintaining the financial stability of the charity. They must ensure that accurate records are maintained and that they comply with all the accounting requirements required by law.


    1. Follow the governing document, i.e. trust deed
    2. Attend meetings.
    3. Act collectively, i.e. obtain committee approval before signing contracts.
    4. Keep written minutes of decisions.
    5. Ensure the treasurer presents regular financial reports and prepares a budget each year.
    6. Ensure that the property and the committee are adequately insured.
    7. Obtain professional advice.
    8. Act with due care and prudence e.g. do not commit the committee to spend money it does not have.
    9. Ensure the property is properly maintained.
    10. Keep all licences up to date.

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