Hire Charges for 2019

A booking enquiry form is required to be submitted before we can advise on Hall availability.   Please ensure you have read and understood our Terms & Conditions 

1.  Concession Rates

For Village Residents (on supply of proof of address) as well as Local Organisations and Charities

Hall 1

Monday – Friday                                                   £25.00/hour

Saturday/Sunday (Children’s parties)           £26.00/hour

Saturday/Sunday (Adult use)                           £35.00/hour

Hall 2

Monday – Friday                                                   £15.00/hour

Saturday/Sunday                                                 £20.00/hour

Hall 3

Monday – Friday                                                 £13.00/hour

Saturday/Sunday                                               £16.00/hour

 2.  Standard  Rates

For non-residents

Hall 1

Monday – Friday                                                 £35.00/hour

Saturday/Sunday                                               £45.00/hour

Hall 2

Monday – Friday                                                £28.00/hour

Saturday/Sunday                                               £30.00/hour

Hall 3

Monday – Friday                                               £20.00/hour

Saturday/Sunday                                              £25.00/hour

3.  Complex Hire

(Includes Hall 1, 2 & 3) Weekends Only, all Complex hires are subject to Trustee Approval.

Please note the Village Hall is NOT available for wedding parties or parties for non-residents unless approved by the trustees.

All bookings should include both ‘ Set-up’ and ‘Clear-up’ time before and after your event.


Following receipt of your Booking Enquiry Form and confirmation of your booking from the Village Hall Administrator a deposit of £30 becomes immediately payable, with the balance of any charges to be paid a minimum of four weeks prior to the hire date, or immediately if within four weeks, accompanied by the returnable Damage Deposit (if required) as per the Terms and Conditions.

If paying by cheque please add 10 working days to the timescales indicated above and if within four weeks of the hire date all payments should be paid in cash.

Your booking will not be secured until the deposit is paid in cash.